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The Biggest Metal Festival in Southeast Asia is Back!

Published by admin, 10 February 2013

Hammersonic, Jakarta International Metal Festival is back for its second year, grander than the previous one, and held for 2 days 27th and 28th April 2013.

Here are the first line up including the International Headliners and co Headliners: Cradle of Filth (UK), Epica (Ned), As I Lay Dying (USA), Dying Fetus (USA), Lock Up (UK), Hour of Penance (It.), Putrid Pile ( USA), Dyscarnate (UK), Saturnian (UK), Gorod (Fra.), Voyager (Aust.), Whoretopsy (Aust.), Inanimacy (Aust.), Sensory Amusia (Aust.), The Amenta (Aus), Advent Sorrow (Aust.), dan Ouroboros (Aust.). 

Previously, early bird tickets has been sold online in this website for one week periode on 4th-10th feb 2013.

The next pre sale tickets online and offline (via choosen ticketbox) will be sold on 11th Feb- 30th March 2013.

For detail information regarding tiket prices, tiketbox, guidelines, terms and conditions can be check in this website.

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Be prepare and look foward for our next official announcement.