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Road to Hammersonic 2013

Published by admin, 12 February 2013

Road to Hammersonic 2013 is a pre event programme and also a selection processes for bands who wants the opportunity to participate at Hammersonic Festial 2013.

Road to Hammersonic 2013 will be held four times in two months and the peak would be the Hammersonic 2013 Festival.

The event programme is set on 2 schedule with the 1st and 2nd episode held in February, the 3rd and 4th episode held in March. The event will be held at Ancol Monument Stage, North Jakarta.

1st leg, Episode 1 was schedule on 12th Feb 2013, with 6 live band selections and guest star by Dreamer from Jakarta, and Episode 2 was schedule on 26 Feb 2013, with also 6 live band selections and guest star by NOXA from Jakarta.

Everyone are wellcome to come for FREE to join and support your choice of lokal band so they can participate at Hammersonic Festival 2013.

For Road to Hammersonic 2013 band registration email to with the band profile and 3 demo songs, it's for free no additional fee at all. Band selections registration is open on 5th feb until 19th March. We will pick 24 band that pass the live selection and perform as the arrange schedule on Road to Hammersonic 2013.

There will be one band choosen to perform at Hammersonic 2013 Festival.

Come and give your support!