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Hammersonic 2013 Second Lineup Announcement

Published by admin, 18 February 2013

After confirming big names wanted in the festival such as Cradle of Filth (UK), Epica (Ned), As I Lay Dying (USA), Dying Fetus (USA), Lock Up (UK), Hour of Penance (It.), Putrid Pile ( USA), Dyscarnate (UK), Saturnian (UK), Gorod (Fra.), Voyager (Aust.), Whoretopsy (Aust.), Inanimacy (Aust.), Sensory Amusia (Aust.), The Amenta (Aus), Advent Sorrow (Aust.), dan Ouroboros (Aust.), we would like to confirmed our second line up. There will be 12 international and Indonesian local band performing at Hammersonic 2013 on 27-28 April 2013 in Ecopark Ancol.

The 2nd Announcement is here!! Obituray (USA), Cannibal Corpse (USA), Destruction (Ger), Power Metal (INA), Sucker Head (INA), Burgerkill (INA), Seringai (INA), Dead Vertical (INA), Kapital (INA), Unremains (INA), Rezume (INA), Hellcrust (INA).

There will be more artists confirming their participation at Hammersonic 2013. Look foward for our official announcement.