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Whoretopsy is a slam death metal band from Melbourne, Australia.
The band was formed by vocalist Storma (Insidious Torture) and guitarist AJ (ex-Empty The Throne) in early 2011 with the goal of creating nothing but the most devastating music possible.
After the release of a three-track demo in April 2011, worldwide attention has been garnered and what was initially supposed to be a studio-only project rapidly grew into something a lot bigger.
In June 2011, Whoretopsy – now featuring a full line-up with the additions of Lachy on bass, Dan on drums and Matt as second guitarist – played their first live show and received overwhelming response from the local Australian metal scene.
The band entered the studio to record their debut full-length album, “They Did Unspeakable Things”, in September 2011. Combining devastating guitar riffs and the most vile vocal spews imaginable, “They Did Unspeakable Things” will be sure to leave a mark in the underground death metal scene.

Current line-up:
Storma – vocals
AJ – guitar
Matt – guitar
Lachy – bass
Giles – drums