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The Amenta

The Amenta are an Industrial Death Metal band from Australia. They evolved from a black metal band known as Crucible of Agony, changing their name to The Amenta in 2001. Over their career their musical style has shifted noticeably; the band’s first album Occasus, released in 2004, was noticeably more influenced by blackened death metal, while in later releases the band’s industrial element has become more prominent.

The band released their debut album Occasus in 2004. The lineup on the recording was Cessium 137 (vocals; real name Mark Bevan), Ethion (guitars; real name Erik Miehs), Endrin (bass; real name Dale Harrison), Diazanon (drums; real name Dave Haley (also of Psycroptic)) and Chlordane (keyboards and programming; real name Timothy Pope). Joe Haley from Psycroptic toured with the band as a second guitarist during this era. Cessium left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Jarrod Krafczyk. Robin Stone also became the band’s drummer at some point in this period, likely due to Haley’s other committments.

In 2008, the new lineup of the band (Krafczyk, Miehs, Harrison, Stone and Pope) released the album n0n, now using their real names. n0n also featured guest appearances from Nergal of Behemoth, Alice Daquet of Sir Alice and Jason Mendonca of Akercocke, among others.

Krafczyk and Harrison left the band in 2009. The current lineup of the band, as of 2011, is:
Cain Cressall (formerly of Pathogen - vocals (2009-present)
Erik Miehs - guitar (2001-present)
Dan Quinlan - bass guitar (2009-present
Robin Stone - drums (2008-present)
Timothy Pope - keyboards and programming (2001-present)

In 2011, this lineup of the band digitally released V01d, considered by the band to be an EP (although it contains 16 tracks), available only from their website at no cost. V01d contains some new tracks, including the band’s trademark ambient/industrial interlude pieces, but is largely made up of re-recorded versions of Occasus and n0n tracks, with the band’s current lineup. There are also some experimental remixes of earlier work, a cover of Armoured Angel’s “Enigmatize” and some live video clips.

Tim Aldridge (The Berzerker) has joined the band in 2011 as a touring guitarist.