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Sil Khannaz

1989 - 1990
In 1989, after completing his college, Jaie moved to KL. However, he still kept in touch with his other brethren in Sil Khannaz. Whenever he had the opportunity, he would return back to Perlis and hang out with the band members in order to pursue their undying interest in metal. Not long thereafter and upon completing their schooling, CD & Din also migrated to KL to join Jaie. However, Che Mat, was unable to join them and had to leave the band due to the fact that he was pursuing his musical studies further. Several auditions were subsequently held in order to find Che Mat’s replacement. Several drummers were considered such as Kamal and Dee Katak. Finally, a suitable replacement was found - Lee Space (of TORMENTOR and RATOR fame) was the band’s choice to fill in the vacancy. Together with Lee Space, the band was able to continue the struggle and had composed several songs even though they knew that eventually they might have to let go of Lee Space as he was simultaneously involved and busy with XPDC (a commercial Hard Rock band), which was in the midst of recording its first album.

With the help from Lee Space, Sil Khannaz’s first demo “Doctrine To Hell” was recorded and released in 1990. The hellish demo was recorded at Hellion Studio, located at Medan MARA, KL. Even though it was only recorded using a 4-track recording machine, this demo marked the beginning of Sil Khannaz’s satanic and hellish conquest - spreading its wings of death to the four corner of this wretched earth.

1991 – 1993
In July 92, the band recorded and released their 2nd demo, “Assassin Led By Blasphemy”. The demo was recorded at Amerah Studio, Pertama Komplek, KL. Musically, they had shown a lot of improvement compared to their first attempt. More than 2000 copies had been sold worldwide. The success of this demo had drawn interest from Osmose Productions (France) & Vinyl Solutions (UK). Unfortunately, due to Sil Khannaz’s financial constraints, they had to forgo this golden opportunity of being signed to these international labels.

All was not lost, Sil Khannaz eventually was able to sign a contract with a local label, Valentine Sound Productions (VSP). This step proved to be a much more practical & realistic approach which had witnessed the dawn of a new beginning in Sil Khannaz musical path.

1st album: Conception of Madness

The recording of Sil Khannaz’s debut album started in December 92 at King Studio, PJ. This recording process was a totally new & meaningful experience for them as they now had the opportunity to work in a real professional recording studio, as opposed to the 4-tracker unit which they were using previously for their demos. The month of February 93 witnessed the birth of Sil Khannaz’s much awaited debut album, ‘Conception of Madness’, and it was released in both cassettes & CD formats.

‘Conception of Madness’ had also set history in the local metal music scene as it was the first local extreme metal band’s album that was available in limited edition CD format. 1500 limited edition copies were released & they were sold out within 2 months after being released. This album was distributed worldwide through the international underground connections, among others, they were Osmose Productions(France), Vinyl Solution & Copro(UK), Avantgarde Music(Italy), and Nazgul Eyrie Productions(Germany). In total. ‘Conception of Madness’ was sold over 25,000 units.

For this album, the band’s line-up was CD (Guitar), Jaie (Vocal), Lan Bye (Drums) and two new members, namely; Tom Decibel (ex-Suffercation) and Joe Slaughter (ex-Infernal Death). The collaboration of the new members with the old line –up had left a big impact in the local metal scene to the extent that many of the local metalheads argued that this is the band’s best ever album and line-up.