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Start in late 2004 original members were in same high school, try to make something new to start a band. The band members are Ryan - drums, Asuy-Bass, Bart-guitar and the come in Ryan neighborhood Ricky-voc we start with cover song from Rancid, Agnostic Front, Biohazard and Hatebreed. Many early songs from OUTRIGHT influenced by european HC such as Rykers, Backfire, etc and then we make it slower, heavier with many touch of groove inside we call it “SUPER GROOVE POWER CHORDS” and some beatdown or two step inside (fukk yeah we’re a hardcore band).
OUTRIGHT’s first professional debut is an album called “HARDCORE STRIKES BACK” it contains 11 HC songs and 1 remix song, it was released by Croosover records in late 2008. Nevertheless we start doing tour all over Indonesia and playin with so many good bands and international events such as TERROR (Los Angeles/US), CARPHATIAN (Australia), HAVE HEART (Boston/US), Ruiner (Boston/US), FIRST BLOOD (US) and many more. And we’re touring for several month for promote our album,we also distribute HARDCORE STRIKES BACK to Europe such as Sweden, France and Netherland.
After several years being together Ricky decided to leave OUTRIGHT cause personal reason (we’re gonna miss you bro) and then we found Hardy (End Of Line) to join with band we start doing tour in mid 2010 with Hardy till now. He has a good character as good as Ricky. We also have 3 single which is released for 3 different compilation we have “BLOODY BOARD” – FAMILY/Linoleum records, ”BROKEN TRUST”-Indicator records, ”JUDGEMENT”-NEPS records and we’re going to record new album at the end of this year.
OUTRIGHT new song contains so many beatdown so kids you can do everything you wanna do on the dance floor, keep HC coz HARDCORE is a movement not just a fukkin’ fashion, this is a way of life staying alive to keep survive…