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Kraken is an Indonesian Death Metal band from Jakarta, formed in April 2012 by two guitarist Bayu and Diaz after their departure from Suffering in 2011. The band has heavy, modern, and aggressive music heavily influenced by early 90’s death metal sound much in the vein of Death, Atheist and other bands such as Vader, Kreator, Iron Maiden as well.

From the “Angkringan Fatmawati” foodism community they met Bembenk who will soon to be their vocalist. The Miracle bassist Vedy followed to be recruited who gave more progressive elements to the band sound. And soon the band line-up was completed after Bimo Undying suggested Omen who would “fit in” with the band as a proper drummer.

On December 2012, Kraken released their self-titled debut demo “The Almighty Kraken” EP consist of 2 tracks: “The Almighty Kraken” and “At The End of One’s Rope” which also has been posted on their Reverbnation and Facebook page. Friends, community, and scene has been the inspiration for the material. Upcoming digipack EP and full length album will be released in 2013.

Hail Kraken !!!

| vox~@BambangKRAKEN ; drum~@denisomen1 ; gitar~@bbay_arch ; gitar~@arief_diaz ; bass~@vedyideo |